Ty Riddick

World History  & Health/Physical Education Secondary Teacher  

Professional Development

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Trojan Horse Learning

Presented at: 


Delia School of Canada 

November 12th, 2015 

Description: Way back when, Odysseus and the Greeks defeated the Trojans using the Trojan Horse as a disguise. They key question is why was the Trojan Horse successful where so many other techniques failed? The answer is because the horse was sacred to the Trojans, it meant something to them. The THL theory is that education is the same way, if we can make connections between what students are interested or passion about, we can inspire deeper leaning. Despite common misconceptions, 

Game Sense & Go Pros

Presented at: 

International Physical Education Conference

Shekou International School, China 

April 4, 2015

Description: Rationale and examples of how the use of Go Pro or wearable first person video recording devices can help students develop "Game Sense" - the ability to read, respond, react and recover effectively in a variety of game situations. This model was presented as a way of reinterpreting over emphasized skill development and as an alternate method to increase student confidence and competence so that they may remain active in sport activities across their life span.

Successes & Failures of "Gamifying" Education 

Presented at: 

7th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference 

Hong Kong Convention Center 

December 13-14th, 2014

Description: Motivation may be considered the key to learning , but how do we motivate students to learn when they are too busy playing video games? In short, we learn from the video games, in this presentation I discuss how we can take video game components and apply them to education settings to drive student motivation as well as my successes and failures doing so. 

                                                                                   To view the notes from this presentation, click here. 

Improving Feedback Through the Paperless Classroom 

Presented at: 

6th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference

Hong Kong Convention Center 

December 13th, 2013

Description: Providing timely and specific is essential for student growth. As technology continues to advance in our connected world so does our ability to provide such feedback. In this presentation I discuss how the use of mobile and cloud based technologies such as Google Drive give teachers the opportunity to provide students with relevant feedback, anywhere, any time. Attendees will gain hands on experience commenting with Google Docs as well as with more advanced scripts such as Doctopus and Goobric. 

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