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Ancient History - Gamified 

Gamification is not playing games in class (although I do enjoy that as well). Gamificaiton is the applying of game-design aspects such as being individually customised, social, goal oriented and providing participants with the opportunity to level up and advance throughout. These aspects help students invest in their learning and ultimately serve the purpose of motivating them towards learning goals (perhaps without even knowing it). 

This gamification of Ancient History is a gamified version of the entire course, it is designed from run from the beginning of the semester to the end.

(Dream Civilization)


Point Earning Tasks


Final Conquest 

The Dream Civilization serves as one of the major summative assessments for the year. It will require students to choose a geographical location on Google Earth for their civilization and continues with levelling up as it goes. For completing each section of the assignment students receive a specific badge. These badges help me ensure their civilizations have at least some hope of being successful in the final conquest (or else everyone would just level up their military)!

The point earning tasks are social and unpredictable in nature but are important because they give students control over the destiny of their civilizations. Points they earn from these tasks allow them to level up their civilizations in any way they see fit. 

The final conquest is explained in more detail within the resources but essentially it ends like a game of risk, students must conquer their continent before expanding their empire. 


A course map of when and where these badge and point earning assessments occur is below, all the resources I have created including the assessments themselves and the course content (Google Slides) are here as well. 

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